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m1 garand loads h4895 You will want to find the M1 Garand load data for whichever bullet you nbsp I 39 ve gotten good results with both but the loads are different. My first. SMK 41. com for the most accurate up to date data. Hodgdon H4895 is the most versatileHodgdon rifle powder. 30 06 runs on a standard large rifle primer like the CCI200 or Federal No. IMR 4064 LC Match Fed 210 Primer Ken Waters has made a pretty penny with his book quot Pet Loads quot on this concept. Below is the information I have from IMR Hodgdon Bullet 150 GR. the Lyman 311299 314 bands . Due to its adaptation to the Garand IMR 4895 was designed to burn most efficiently at around 50 000 psi rather than the 60 000 psi of many modern rifle powders including the 20mm cannon powder Hodgdon sold as H 4831. 5grns IMR H 4895 Apr 25 2011 The best powder for the beginner reloader of a M1 Garand is H4895 since this powder is an analog of the millitary powder the Garand was designed for. 30 06 for the M1 Garand. 5 Fullbore or Sierra 155 Palma all moly . I can buy larger quantities of one powder and Mil Surp powder is cheaper than off the shelf by about 45 8 lbs right now. Yeah there are quot better quot ones but I choose to have it quot simple quot . I bought some Federal 150gr ammo a while back but quot expert quot opinions are split on using the particular load I bought in an M1. 5 gr H4895 for 150s and would look at 45 46 for 168s. of either powder 4895 . MK with 4895 and with the correct seating depth found it to be an awesome off hand round. The first three rounds were at 50 yards to see if they would go quot boom quot I covered that group with the box The load is 46. 180 quot 3. 8 quot groups at 308 150 grain load data h4895. When the U. It is the best choice for a Garand type mechanism. 230 quot 43. M1 Garand 30 06 Loading Data Suggestions All Loads To Be Used At Your Own Risk My favorite M1 load is a 150gr M2 bullet over 46. I used mostly 4895 and 4320 for many years of service rifle competition with an M1. 308 Match Loads Effective out to 500 Meters If the wind is blowing like no tomorrow the 175 180 and 190 gr. Avoid maximum loads and avoid any powder slower than IMR 4320 and your M 1 will stay happy. Or perhaps the data such as Nosler s online load data lists both 5. 223 Rem AR15 rifle 223 Remington 5. This load shoots at 2 620 fps and has a standard deviation of 25. 62x51mm and 40. You can 06 M1 Garand loads and in my 308 M1A rifles. 5 grains Some people are want to buy Remington 870 Express Magnum Extended Forend And M1 Garand Imr 4895 Vs H4895 in the cheap price. There is probably two pounds of powder left in that jug. It is also ideal for a wide variety of centerfire rifle loads including 222 Remington 30 30 Winchester 30 Winchester and up to 458 Winchester Magnum. 5 3276 IMR 4895 53. 30 06 cases flash holes deburred and weighed within 1 grain. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm Apr 27 2010 I have been using IMR 4895 with great success in the Garand. 5x54MS Win . Im looking for a very accurate load that is mild to shoot at 200 yards using the componants I have on hand. Accuracy shown for each load represents an average of three five shot groups at 100 yards. I 39 m loading . of 4895 duplicates USGI M2 ball velocities using 150 or better yet 168 gr. Most accurate 30 06 load Most accurate 30 06 load 308 150 grain load data h4895 We put together a definitive authentication guide for all Louis Vuitton bags and hanbags. As most Garand owners know the weapon 39 s op rods don 39 t like slower burning powder and can be damaged. Need to have the harder cup to prevent slam fires. Jan 29 2013 This is why we have Reloading books. How can this be May 03 2016 Load data for my 30 06 Springfield and Garand load using IMR 4895 and the Hornady 168gr. 2020 07 4zc hornady 168 match recipe Oct 01 2000 H4895 is a good powder. 5 grains of H4895 behind the A Max 155 grain bullet. M1 Garand Americans in Normandy carried the best and most efficient rifle of World War II the eight shot semiautomatic M1 Garand. Listed at 89 on the Hodgdon Burn Rate Chart it 39 s a medium fast rifle powder. In contrast the Barnaul 95 gr. Over 300 worth of reloading manuals at your fingertips LoadData. 5 H4895 and between 41. 223. 0 grains BLC 2 49. It will shoot better than Master Po can. Selected as the powder for U. Load data for the M1 Garand calls for 49 gr. 5 and 42. I had no cycling issues firing 163 grain AP rounds fired with 41. 05 23 2020 09 02 PM I would rate Varget H4895 and IMR 4064 as my top three choices. 200 or 300 Yards 1. Apr 05 2013 Load density not ideal at least in the M1 Garand. Load data needs to be Garand specific due to how faster powders could generate pressure spikes that may damage the op rod. This load is very accurate with sub moa results if i can do my part. H4895 Varget R 15 4064 2520 748 190 grain bullet load data is for long range and are for bullets seated longer than mag length M1 GARAND 30 06 SERVICE What I use to load for my M1 garand. Since 4895 does vary a lot in burn rate experiment before you load above 45 grains. Feb 01 2010 I have been reloading for my M1 Garand but am just about out of H 4895 which calls for 49gr. 30 06s for NRA Highpower matches and noticed that 4895 was the original powder used for the ammo for the M1 Garand. Any of these powders will do well but the 4895 types throw better. If you 39 re unsure or just want options check as many boxes as you 39 d like. 4 gr max of H4895 and 39. For the M1 Garand the max load is 49 grains. I believe the Ultimak mount for the Garand requires no permanent modification so you could try it without ruining the gun. BLC2 meters like a dream. 30 06 Rifle SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM ABOUT TRAIL BOSS FOR REDUCED LOADS max IMR 4064 49. With this in mind when reading the following information think M1 Garand. It s a gun with a soul and a purpose and my favorite rifle of all time. I feel a bulk order coming. Versatility with uniformity and accuracy. loads will help you stay on target with a minimum of windage adjust required. In my rifle Varget gives superb performance. For 30 06 I have used IMR4064 and IMR4350 with good results. I attempted to translate the forum page and I saw a lot of misunderstanding of how and why we hunt. Apr 09 2010 For reduced loads with Hodgdon H4895 check out their reduced load web page. Federal 39 s Gold Medal Match . co. Sep 18 2016 It was known back in the early 70 39 s that the only safe powders for the M1 were IMR 4895 and IMR 4064 with H4895 being OK to use as it was surplus 4895 from WW2. The classic M1 load is a 150gr bullet over 47. Dec 29 2017 If you reload then just about any company 39 s 150 to 168 grain bullets are good for it. 5 grains RL 12 41. Very nice case that has never been used. 0 2574 41 200 Oct 24 2017 Buy. Operator. 3o Match bullet 44 48 gr IMR 4895 with 150 gr Hornady soft point or 152 gr USGI . Army s release of 100 000 M1 Garand rifles to the Civilian Marksmanship Program CMP . Oct 22 2016 Part 3 does not pertain to the M1 Garand. From the 17 Remington to the 243 Winchester to the 375 H amp H Magnum accuracy and performance are excellent. 30 06 that specify the use of magnum primers. I was wondering which to get to load. Feb 13 2012 Therefore they load them down a little. It helped pave the way for the successful powder company that exists today. 5 Creedmoor Ammo For Sale 7. Velocity is the average of 15 rounds clocked 12 feet from the muzzle with an Oehler Model 35P chronograph. Lapua offers a wide variety of cases and bullets for hunting sport shooting and target purposes for both centerfire rifle and pistol. 5 grains H4895 49. 2grs see your bullets info for OAL Varget 168gr slugs shows 2300fps 40. Hunting We are a hunting family. 0 I bought a M1 Garand for me and another one for my dad in the early 80 39 s. 2 for base and 46. level 2. While simple in the extreme provided you can find appropriate components and certainly a great way to get enhanced accuracy out of your rifle many shooters consider it the pinnacle of foolishness due to the plethora of inexpensive surplus ammunition on the market. g5 4r5. Sierra recommends a 6. 5 quot groups at best at 100 yards. I chose that powder mainly for temp stability that hodgdon shows over most other powders. H4895 does ok. All of these reloading propellants are appropriate for the United States reloading market. Any 168 or 175 46. I mostly use IMR4064 in my M1 Garand and M1A. It was tuned to M2 Ball which was not a very hot load. They loaded absolutely great. 5 gr. Regrettably there isn t much that can be done without spending a lot of money to change the fact that its a Denix so I decided to rather create a version that was more in keeping with a 1942 43 model but still preserving some of the Denix characteristics for example the absence of serial M4 Clone and M1 Garand OC 4160x3120 Close. Most . Winchester cases and Federal 210M primers were used in all loads. M1 Carbine The third and final rifle featuring a Criterion barrel is the record setting M1 Carbine featuring a chrome lined Criterion barrel purchased and installed through Fulton Armory. And mine is just a parts gun so whatever. Exercise care and common sense at all times. hodgdon. match bullets was an excellent load still is. 24 Nov 2008 to know if I need to hold the velocity down as you must with an M1 Garand. There is another nbsp 1 Jul 2015 H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads Free download as PDF File . Garand 10 twist Custom Bolt in 13 twist Still waiting for barrel to be made. A slower burning powder will have more residual pressure remaining at the gas port when the gas port is exposed by the passing bullet because the slower burning powder s peak pressure occurs further from the chamber and closer to the gas port than a faster N135 the universal rifle powder Developed originally for 7. 30 M1 karabin M1 kaliber 30 . In duplicating the M72 load the first thing we discover is a lack of 173 grain bullets. Sep 29 2004 M1 Safe IMR4895 loads for 168 and 180 grain requested Amanda4461 M1 Garand 13 11 07 2009 03 21 PM recommended loads M1A 145 gr. 240 Baby Touch Flip Flap Book. I 39 ve seen a jillion new and exciting cartridges come and go over the decades but the 39 06 and little brother . I am not sure if a slower burning powder has any affect on the DPMS 308 gas system. 30 06 M1 Garand Loads Warning Notes All loads use CCI BR 210 primers with single exception noted. 30 06 military rifles were bolt actions US Models 1903 1903A3 and 1917s. 0gr H4895. 308 Winchester load development part 4 Duration Hornady 55 grain v max in the making 180 gr will be moving pretty slow out of a . 00 4. Mine is an M1 Garand courtesy of Bill Clinton s CMP program. CCI Military 43 or standard 200 primers. 2 grains at a time. 0 IMR 4320 grains Berger 155 VLD or 155. Oct 18 2018 30 06 in a M1 Garand. 270. If you want to buy Optimum M1 Garand Powder Charge H4895 And Remington 870 Improved Cylinder Choke Slugs. Aug 02 2020 It is the most versatile do everything cartridge in the centerfire rifle world. Pet Loads By Blaine Nay www. We are the largest distributor of all brands of smokeless powder because we offer great service and wholesale prices. 5moa at 100 yard. The M1 Garand. The surest way to load for the M1 Garand is to stick with IMR 4895 or IMR 4064. Jun 22 2012 It 4895 was designed to power the US M1 Garand Rifle which needs about 5000 psi port pressure within very narrow limits to cycle properly. 30 30. 223 and will allow you to use them in both calibers. 500 to 1000 Yards Greek Surplus M1 Garand Bayonet. Why Well I went quot old school quot for the M1. cheap bulk brass for reloading lake city 5. Jul 10 2012 The M1 Garand is a masterpiece of engineering the perfect blend of wood and steel. Has anyone had any first hand experience with BLC2 and 150gr 168gr bullets in the M1 Garand 308 Winchester H4895 Reduced loads 168 SMK and 150 Pro Hunter H4895 is the first powder Hodgdon introduced. 458 in a 24 quot barrel with the 500gr bullet 70grs of AR2208 Varget for 2050fps and 70grs of AR 2206H H4895 for 2070fps. M1 Garand The greatest single battle implement ever devised. I have also used IMR4064 with good success. data includes new A Tip Match load data 338 Lapua Mag 270 gr. Slugging my bore was necessary to get past the leading then several load work up to get good cycling and finally good groups. quot Commercial ammo quot in and of itself is not usually the problem. 30190 25 3 O0. Mag. Some people say it will be fine while others say NOT to stray from the M2 Ball spec. I went to the Local Range yesterday and I was amazed to the accuracy of these bullets. For handloading I recommend either H4895 or IMR 4895 powder slower burning powders can and probably will damage the operating rod and keep the velocities close to the original military load. 26 Apr 2013 During that time I have started shooting both the M1 Garand and M14. IMR recommends always consulting www. Dec 28 2019 M1 Garand loads Courtesy of the NRA Recommended . This last infantry load consisted of a 152 grain flat base bullet over a charge of 50 grains IMR 4895 for 2740fps recorded at 78ft from the muzzle 2810fps corrected . M1 Garand Load Recipes . pdf from 200 yard Service Rifle matches with M1A and M1 Garand and 120 gr in nbsp Also any loads using H4895 for any cartridge seems to shoot faster is a classic powder was loaded in the original 30 39 06 M1 Garand loads. 36 2. Oddly the same applies to the M14 M1A. 1 Has a medimum burn rate. Varget turned in 0. But like someone mentioned this is 3grs below standard 30 06 loads and there 39 s quite a bit of empty space which is why I 39 m curious about when under loading and empty space can cause pressure issues. 05 27 2014 10 27 PM. 0gr IMR4895. 223 Remington Centerfire FavoriteThe . Either reading here or my reloading manuals I think some of the Garand shooters were nbsp http www. I haven t tried the Federal load I think you re referring to. 62 30 06 Garand is IMR 4895 H4895 AA2495. 1 gr max of IMR 4895. com and select Cartridge Loads . H4895 for 4 568fps so 4 600fps is achievable BUT be very very careful Raffle on National Match M1 Garand. Sep 15 2012 6 R. 4. It will fit applications similar to IMR4064 Hodgdon H4895 or Accurate 2520. Then select your bullet weight powder manufacturer and powder type. 308 147 grain load data 308 147gr load data 308 fmj reloading I have 400 rounds of 30 06 180 grain loads manufactured by Alpine in Colorado in the 39 70s. Several of you expressed great interest in owning one of these fine shooting pieces of history and requested that more details be forwarded along as soon as OTOH I used H4895 and Varget a lot in other rounds especially the 7 08. Jun 02 2009 Many of these are repro clones that were made by the ROK Republic of Korea for use when their armed forces carried the M1 Garand. Don 39 t get what I 39 m saying wrong those charge weights are not the cartridge limits it 39 s just where I choose to load. Mar 01 2018 I have used both in 30 06 M1 Garand 6. It does not shoot quite as well as out of my O3 A3 but is quite a nice round. Feb 22 2010 4. stryker 5. by Irons78 Wed Jun 28 2017 9 51 pm. Jan 06 2020 I have been loading for and shooting the M1 Garand for about 40 years. A lot depends on bullet seating depth. It did not bend the operating rod up but you need to watch your loads with the Garand. Just as an aside my favorite go to load for all 4 of my M1 rifles for match shooting is 46. I need some tried and true 30 06 loads for the M1 Garand using H4895 and IMR4895 powders with a 168 gr bullet. 62. May 30 2019 The M1 Garand and its gas system was designed to operate with M1 Ball ammo. Mar 04 2020 CMP M1 Garand Release Update. Lead Free Bullet Data. I load . M2 ball specs is 2740 fps 70fps. G1 B. 56x45 222 reloading shooting hunting rifles. Sep 22 2010 Suggested loading data for . When originally manufactured M1s were made in such a way that they could be fired dry and this was done a lot in the Korean war thanks to the very frigid temperatures being incompatible with the grease Apr 13 2019 H4895 and IMR 4064 work well also. Brass Lapua and Winchester make new brass for this caliber. All cycled very well. 0 to 48. com Fact is Hornady 39 s MAX load in the bolt gun data for 4064 is 53. W748 is the powder for the. Description. If you are looking for accuracy drop all charges by 1 grain and work up . 62x39 mm chambered rifles The photo below shows three different . M1 Garand 30 06 Loading Data Suggestions 43. Possibly CCI should have specified quot not to be used with non ball powders and standard 4895 loads for the M1 Garand quot This gets into the problem of finding data for rounds like the . I inherited 20 lbs of H4895 M1 garand clones. 2572 fps I 39 ve found LoadData. I 39 m sure you could set up a progressive press to load vast quantities of this cartridge. Proper cartridge case resizing and headspace maintenance along with proper bolt lug op rod lubrication with light grease is important to maintain the safe and reliable function of the M1. All of those powders work well in . 00 Jun 24 2019 The . 155 grain bullet max loads lower than 168 grain bullet max loads. M1 garand clones M1 Garand 1911 A1 and Mossberg 590 in multigun match I usually shoot plated 230 ball loads but I was trying to burn these up. Its short grain h4895 This is a historic powder for Hodgdon as it was the first powder sold by our founder Bruce B. The 172 grain was designated M1 Ball. Maximum load for a IMR 4895 is 53 grains and the maximum load of H4895 is 51 grains. These cyclic rates are achieved by using medium burn rate propellants such as the various 4895s. 210 though I actually prefer the Federal Gold Medal Match GM210 primer. 308 service rifle loads. 30 cal loads H4895 IMR 4895 was specifically formulated for the M1 Garand. Here is another EXCELLENT post that will help you down this path. 0 grains with a 168 gr bullet is a little bit warm for an M1 Garand. com to be a valuable resource when comparing published data from multiple sources. I have used IMR 4895 and 150 FMJBT bullets from Hornady with good results I have also used IMR 4064 and found my loads to be even more accurate. Jun 21 2009 H4895 meters very nicely. IMR 4895 IMR3031 TAC H4895 are all good powders. Jul 07 2010 This eight pound jug was purchased in March 2006. This is Sorry no loads for RL 15 http www. In addition it is a longtime favorite of Match shooters. less is used in maximum . Commercial hunting loads are of a powder type known only to the manufacturer and loaded to a higher velocity to boot. This member of the Extreme Extruded line powder is great for 17 Remington 250 3000 Savage 308 Winchester and 458 Winchester to name just a few. 0g H4895 2420 fps 2. With the 168s 41. 6. Fabricating ammo for the M1 is reloading not handloading. Please buy it from trusted store. pdf the M1 Garand action with any other of the modern powders off the shelf. Read more about Handloading for the M1 Garand Sep 22 2017 Any load with a 150 grain bullet at 2 700 to 2 800 fps essentially duplicates military ballistics for M2 Ball loads. 30 06 factory load for the 165 grain spitzer regarded by many as the best general purpose bullet weight for the . 0 grains Acc AA2460 49. 4 using H4895 for 150 grain bullets. Overall I would rate that load as good very useable for the intended purpose of 500 or 600 yard shooting it s 2844 fps but no better than my H4895 load for that purpose. FMJ bullet 2640 fps. Now I will share a few tricks with you. Nov 13 2017 For starters yes slow burning powders can be dangerous in the M1 Garand. Many praise it for being revolutionary but keep in mind that it was the result of government criteria last to what they believed an infantry weapon Jun 27 2016 So you just bought an AR 15 with 556 NATO stamped on the barrel your load data manual doesn t list 5. IMR 4064 is another extruded powder highly recommended for the M1 Garand. Overall cartridge length for all loads was 2. I 39 m starting with Varget and H4895. My M1A and M1 Garand seem to prefer faster burning rifle powder vs. I use this powder exclusively in all of my 30 06 loads. M1garandforum. Jul 20 2017 Re M1A Reloading You say Nothing faster than H4895 . 5 grains of 4895 and Hornady 150 grain PSP Interlock bullets Load data for 8x56R H4895. Your IMR and H 4895 will work fine in both cartridges in all three rifles. 30 06 Hornady 150 gn FMJ BT 3037 bullets for an M1 Garand and from the load data I have in my Hornady manual it looks like loads for each powder are within . With a 150 grain bullet and a 47. 0 grains BLC 2 48. Overall length of all loads is 3. Whether you are reloading Click Load ID for Load Details . US Rifle Caliber . H4895 had 1. I believe BLC2 has an appropriate burn rate for the M1 Garand. 300 Win nbsp 20 Mar 2012 Ive shot several hundred rounds of Norwiegen M2 AP through my M1 and The original Hodgdon H4895 was surplus bulk grade IMR 4895. 00 Lyman Crusher Crusher 2 T Mag T Mag 2 Press Auto Large Primer Feeder Tube 12. I run under 40 grains of H4895 with cast loads in my M1 and currently run a 168 nosler with 36 grains in another rifle but that rifle has a brand new gas cylinder and fresh op rod piston and a in spec yet used GI op rod spring. bullets to 2750 fps or so using a medium burning rate powder such as either version of 4895 you will be duplicating military ballistics and will not be beating up your Garand. 308. May 11 2016 I load the 7. Mike the tried and true IMR 4895 load for the M1 with 168 grain is 45 47 grains of powder. 83 W 168 Sierra Match Product M1 Garand rifle Apr 22 2014 Reloading ammunition for the Mosin Nagant and other 7. Capability for various loads ranging from . 0 grains 180 grain FMJ SP or HPBT bullets IMR 4895 43. What I have on hand are Powder H335 Varget H4895 Tac RE 15 8208 XBR nbsp 2 Sep 2009 On a personal note I have used the 49. 30 06 round with a 172 grain bullet not the 150. 34 inches. 0 H4895 and IMR 4064 are near perfect powders for the Garand loads. Nov 21 2015 Both H 4895 and IMR 4895 work well in the M1 Garand because of the gas pressure whereas a slower powder would put too much pressure out there on the gas port. 6 gr to 47. 30 M2 bullet I started shooting reloads in M1 Garand rifles in 1962. That 39 s a combo proven in competition. Neither one are ball. 6. 30 Carbine Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook reloading data with 32 loads. H4895 is almost a duplicate and AA2495 is a copy. 224 223 Rem bullets 223 Rem ammo . AA2520 Win760 and VV N140 can also be used but I have had the best results overall with IMR 4064 and consequently use 4064 exclusively for M1 ammo. 5gns of Varget with a 168 Amax for the M1 Garand. My dad didn 39 t say a word just grinned. with 30 06 M1 Garand loads as well as hunting loads for 8 mm Mauser. 0gr H4895 and see what is accurate in your Garand. I had a few folks tell me it was a waste of time to include all this and there s a lot included on loading for H4895 isn 39 t the powder it used to be and is faster than IMR 4895 so use caution when using the old NRA load data. 0 grains IMR 4320 Sierra 168 moly MK. However if you are new to the . This is a discussion on Load suggestions for 3 gun M1 Garand 168 CC H4895 within the Steel and Wood forums part of the Rifle Forum category Since my stupid club is insisting on non magnetic ammo for shooting paper targets I 39 m going to have to load rather than use HXP or M2 Dec 22 2009 P. I also use the CCI Mil Spec primers and Lake City or other military headstamp brass for 30 06. AMMO Remington 35rem Winchester 30 30 and Hotshot 8mm. Then load the 150gr bullets to 2750 to 2800 fps while staying under 52grs of powder. 308 150 gr. It was also designed for the use of powder Random question anyone put a scout type scope on a Garand If so what type how did you like it I 39 ve got mine stripped apart for refinishing wood and was thinking about trying it out for hunting next year. Best bullet for Garand is 168gr. Gas guns require a specific op rod pressure and that eliminates several good powders. 5 grains of H4895 works great for a 168 gr bullet. 0 grains of I 4064 with either 155 or 168 gr BTHP is listed in the manuals but 48. Oct 28 2019 My Garand load is 49. com. 4895 behind the 175 or 180 gr. There is a difference in charge weights depending on if it s IMR or H. In the M1 with the 06 work up to 48. 5 3225 Nov 10 2018 The book says for varget 42. Generally speaking you 39 ll find via google the CMP website here or any other place you look at Garand loads that 90 of the recommendations are between 46. It s an amazing piece of history both for its engineering achievement and the role it played in history. Return to previous Page It makes for great reduced loads that will cycle the M1. Those 5 will serve you well. How can this be 222 Remington Load Data 223 Remington Load Data 5. 223 Rem but loads for both cartridges are virtually identical. 223 Remington loads are safe for your AR 15. 0 grains Jan 08 2009 Sorry to disagree. Oct 05 2009 IMR 8208 XBR Load Data Now Online The Hodgdon Reloading Center site has been updated to include IMR 8208 XBR load data for 41 cartridges. 5x55 Swed. 185 quot or shorter when loaded to the cannelure. Either of these should be first choice for a Garand. It 39 s been very consistent for me from lot to lot as have all IMR powders but does fall victim to a little temperature sensitivity and it is a bit long for sub 22 calibers. With those I was perfectly happy with handloads using 150 grain bullets and IMR or H4350 powder. For the 7400 with carbine The best all around medium speed rifle powder providing excellent . I now have his Garand in my collection too. 19 May 2019 I like IMR4895 for my M1 Garand loads but I 39 m not shooting matches either. Bullet was 311284 cast out of wheel weights which were much harder in 1968 than they are today Hornady gas checks the then new fangled Alox Beeswax lube and they were sized to . I developed a reduced load for my Tikka 308 which is a light rifle to reduce the pounding on my old shoulder. pdf My 39 soft load 39 for the M1 Garand rifle is 40. Right now I m still working on a supply of 30 06 for the 1953 H amp R M1 Garand we picked up last Fall. It predicted failure with shotgun powders and fast rifle powders at these velocities. This Load Data taken from the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 9th edition. 62mm precision rifle designed by Sep 30 2008 M1 Garand Load H4895 The NRA gives a recommended charge of 49 grains same as BLC 2 but H4895 seems to be somewhat faster burning rate. Rifle Issue 171 May 1997 Jan 22 2020 A few years ago Moose wanted to take the Garand out for some plinking. 308 39 s but IMR 4895 has been the go to powder for the gas guns. Will One of the most important things to remember about the M1 Garand 39 s operation is that the old rifles really like to be properly lubricated. An excellent powder for . org 205g Lead 28. First most reloading die sets come with two expander balls one for use with 0. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and ensure that you have the right supplies and equipment for a day at the range or in the field. 222 Remington Load Data 223 Remington Load Data 5. 30 06. 308 or . We recommend caution when using military brass and suggest starting at or below the minimum loads listed. If hot loads or some newer commercial ammunition is used it can damage the operating rod. 308 used 4895 for years. 308 Winchester data. Mine loved Varget and 4064 slightly less and hated 4895 in terms of grouping with the same primer and charge weight of each. Bob Steinberg . 80 inches. Mar 12 2016 THis is a fair question and while I hope htshot has a reloading manual with quot service rifle quot loads in 3006 the traditional powders for the M1 Rifle are IMR 4895 IMR 4064 and those which are newer powders in same burn rate are H4895 Varget RL15. h4895 Reduced Rifle Load. SMK 39 s. HODGDON H4895 REDUCED RIFLE LOADS For Youth Hunting Informal Target and 30 06 for my M1 where the load density is only about 80 . Here 39 s a pic of the Hornady data for you with the 150 168 grain data. 0 grains Acc AA2520 51. 5 grains Hod H4895 49. 62 x 51 NATO cartridge loading data is suggested for M1 Garand and M1A M 14 rifles known to be in good operating condition. 8 gr to 46. Please allow me to explain. More. The hornady 150s do ok in my new barelled M1 but the the nosler custom comps do much better. 5g H4895 1675 fps 38. 301 nose NOE312299 312 bands . Garand69. 8 with h4895. Accuracy with both is 5 moa for 8 shot groups. A Large rifle primer H4895 powder and a 168grain HPBT. Many reloading sources have load data specifically for the M1 Garand rifle. Mar 31 2012 46. Imr 4064 M1 Garand Forum. The other rifles will follow suit but think M1 Garand Reloading for the M1 Garand. 30 06 is 46. Aug 24 2016 I 39 ve been using H4895 and IMR4064 in 30 06 loads for my M1 Garand with good results. I would say great but I 39 m loading for a 1903 Springfield and M1 Garand and I 39 m not a good enough shot with either yet to really determine the best load. This rifle was designed to function within a specific cyclic parameter. 06 M1 Garand loads and in my 308 M1A rifles. 309 for my rifle. Low bulky density and superior ignition characteristics make 5744 an excellent choice for reduced loads in many rifle calibers and in large capacity black powder cartridges such as the 45 70 through 45 120 and 50 90 through 50 120. The round on the left was a low velocity 39 powder puff load. When the military switched to ball powders they switched over to a hotter primer for the 30 06 and later for the 7. This is my M1 Garand Springfield Armory 1943. 5 grains Master Po 39 s comments These loads only duplicate military spec. You can load down with H4895 or up to max. Jermanjvs 40 Years Old Man Seeking a Man Offline Age 40 years Indian Single Man Libra Kolkata West Bengal India Imr 4064 load data 308 175 smk Feb 13 2010 I use the H4895 but it 39 s also feeding an M14 and M1 garand. Each GameChanger round utilizes a Sierra Tipped GameKing bullet with an extremely accurate boat tail profile and a polymer tip seated in a hollow point design for fast expansion upon impact. 30 06 gives a MV of 2 800 fps and ME of 2 872 ft. For the 168 gr bullets they list 39. 51. IMR H4895 are the most commonly used powders. 62x51 in military form ranks among the most versatile and popular centerfire cartridges in the world. 5 gr IMR4895. . 30 OAL. I only shoot 150 to 165 grain bullets in them. 600 in 210g Lead 19. With carbide dies reloading is really a snap. 0 grains of RL 22 can drive their 160 grain bullet at a MV of 2773 fps and a maximum load of 65. 4064 works well too. I have enjoyed handloading the cartridge for over 30 years. I am most interested in the nbsp Re M1 Garand Loads 01 08 17. Sep 03 2016 There is a quite substantial difference between H4895 and IMR 4895 in my M1 Garand so much so that I have to reduce the load by two full grains with H4895. 308 Winchester. Supposedly it s a clone to the national match load. htm. Their factory is located in the city of Uzice in southwestern Serbia. 2 HOW TO RELOAD FOR THE M1 RIFLE. MUST PICK UP IN GILBERT. Feb 21 2017 H4895 load with nosler 155s was 45 grains. Aug 02 2017 How To Get Started Reloading A good set of dies such as the RCBS full length resize and seater dies and an RCBS No. 56 NATO but tells you its . with breaking your op rod by firing loads the Apr 25 2010 there are a lot of factory loaded 30 06 cartridges that will damage the Garand rifle. At 200 yards the figures are 2 283 fps and 1 909 ft. I have developed a load for the M1 using water quenched gas checked cast bullets that I make using H4895. 0 grains of The . I played with the Sierra 168 gr. Shooting Commercial Ammunition in your M1 Garand Jul 27 2015 h4895 168 gr bullet h4895 m1 garand loads m1a winchester h4895 rammac wcc 10. Mar 30 2019 I believe more gas would gush through a M1 gas port to generate higher forces against a piston at rest Newton with a higher pressure load like 56K psi than a lower pressure load as shown in the Hornady manual M1 Garand which would probably be in the sub 50 k psi range Hornady has a max load of 46. May 22 2010 Other good powders for M1 loads are IMR 4895 H4895 and IMR 4320. The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service amp extensive product knowledge. But loading the . 62x54R by using a load of 40 grains of 4831 behind a 150 grain bullet. 2 gr min and 46. I use 47. 0 grs of IMR 4895. The Gorilla in the room is that the 4895s are stick powders and DO NOT meter through a measure well while Varget does. 0 grains H335 49. and 6. It s pretty expensive. 308 quot diameter bullets the other being 0. Thanks Patrick I know the op rod is the achilles heel of the Garand. Sierra 5th Edition Rifle Handgun Reloading Manual Best For Beginners sierra 5th edition reloading manual. The M1s I have all shoot better with better bullets. http www. Either 150 or 168 gr bullet will best duplicate the original weights. Do not ever substitute powders and do not tell others to do it on this forum unless the powders are genuinely the same like H110 and W296. I do know imr4064 didn t do good outta my gun. Hodgdon H4895 is ADI AR2206H. Reduce loads by at least 1. These loads only duplicate military spec. 13 rounds at 100 yards. 4 Max. 500 or 600 Yards 1. H4895 desertrun Ammunition 1 05 22 2007 07 09 AM Widners Surplus IMR4895 HighPowerShooter Ammunition 10 12 09 2004 03 05 PM Surplus IMR4895 Wideners 30Cal Ammunition 5 11 17 2004 01 41 PM recommended loads M1A 145 gr. It is illegal to load for the garand nbsp 14 Nov 2012 Garand . They are covered in cosmoline and the grips may have hairline cracks. I shoot the Hornady Amax bullet but the Nosler should prove to be just fine. M1 Garand loads. The Sierra reloading manual shows the max load for a 150 FMJ bullet at 45 grains of IMR4895. This load gives good performance and grouping in my 1903A4 and my M1 Garand. It 39 s surprising how much more pleasant the M1 and any of the . 2 gns max load for about 2600fps. 9 of all US GI loads are loaded with. I weigh every charge when I load rifle rounds . I usually use H4895 45. IMR 4895 is an old I generally shoot the following load in the Garand A 165 grain Hornady Interlock SP bullet over 42 grains of Hodgdon H4895 in Lake City brass. I have shot thousands of rounds of 168 BTHP Match Kings with 46 grains of IMR 4895 in the . If you are using military cases drop all charges by 2 grains. Have you used imr4895 much How does it compare to h4895 I have been told all kinds of stuff. 0 grains IMR 4895 49. military 39 s most produced arm ever. I loaded up some rounds at different powder levels for H4895 Varget and 4064 and went to the range. C. Page 2 H4895 M1 Garand Loads Reloading. Military 39 s M118 special ball long range sniper round. Sent from my SAMSUNG SM G890A using Tapatalk 11 09 2018 06 00 PM 3 Apr 08 2019 Garand Safe loads Anybody reload for their M1 and know of any good safe loads for it I have a recent ish issue of handloader magazine that has some good info but if anyone has any experience with this that would help me. I found IMR 4895 to be accurate but a little slow 2400 2440 in my trials with the 6. They work better in . Apr 11 2011 The quot classic quot M1 Garand load is a 150gr FMJ bullet over 47. These loads used Winchester cases and Federal 215 primers and were chronographed in a 24 quot rifle barrel. 30 06 . No crunch and once my RCBS uniflow is set very little if any trickling is required to get the charge I want. 338 Lapua Magnum Ammo 5. A cartridge can be perfect when all ammo components match together perfectly something top marksmen and competitive shooters reloading with Lapua brass and projectiles know. Thoughts on the M1A INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE WITH CAUTION Ri e Data 125G RAINB ULLETS 300 6Spngri eld SECTIONAL DENSIT Y 188 0 . Never load in haste. I 39 m using 150 grain pulled bullets. H4895 52. 308 Winchester loads with bullet weight less than 10 grams 155 grains . Basically anything that works for the M1A M14 also works for the M1 Garand. I have used it on vintage M1 Garand 39 s Springfield 1903 39 s and a couple of Mauser based actions with great satisfaction. It is pleasant enough for my wife to shoot. Andy. The M1 ball had a heaver projectile while the M2 The only powder for the Garand is IMR 4895 but do not exceed loading or you will bend the operating rod. 34 primers. 30 06 service loads were are not ball powder. 308 not needing a gunsmith 39 s attention. I get better results on paper with the 62 and 69 grain bullets with IMR4895 and BL C2 for that Reloading Supplies Primers You last purchased this product on . Most of my 357 loads are in the mid range though I do have the Win 296 around for the 180 grn hardcast. 3 for the starting load at 2400fps 46. tcoz May 14 2017 Download sierra bullet loading manual free and unlimited. This is a great load for Garand Matches with the 03 Springfield and your M1 will recoil like a Ar 15 and still cycle the action. 5 grains H4895 Sierra 168 moly MK. 0 grains Win 748 Ball 48. A lot of people use it in competition gas guns. That sounds right in the ballpark. He had trained with 03s and Garands at Ft Chaffee in 1943. Doc . biggerhammer. quot Safe quot powders include IMR 4895 H4895 Varget amp AA 2520. I went to my local shop today and they were out of Hodgdon 39 s 4895 but said they had IMR 39 s 4895. with some of the great powders and bullets that are now available. My advise don 39 t frequent the forum with the jerks. Let us know how you fare with your chosen bullet powder load. All shot with Iron Sights and on a bench with only a front barrel rest. Ken Waters has made a pretty penny with his book quot Pet Loads quot on this concept. 5 grains AA2495 45. When I found a nice 1987 M1A to build I used all the early parts SA 1 60 barrel Replica rifle made of metal and wood with simulated mechanism of loading and firing. com PDF H4895 20Reduced 20Rifle 20Loads. There is much info on the web but here is the best place to start the basics. IMRReloading. containers. These starting loads are as powerful as the factory ammo that culled 20 000 elephants yet are not compressed and are very mild pressure wise. You better go back and buy more of that powder J. Oct 02 2013 M1 load data courtesy of NRA Reloading CMP Forums Garand Gear below is a good sourse of info. 0. 68 1. 30 06 Springfield 168 gr ELD M1 Garand Item 81171 20 Box . 5gs. If the goal is minimum recoil the answer is Hodgdon Trail Boss powder. I load the Hornady Black loads in a magazine for just in case use. For my Garand 35 grains is enough to cycle the action with 311299 Lyman 200 gr cast of water quenched wheel weight lead. 222 Remington to . Varget is also an excellent choice. sie fn hodgdon h4895 . The M1 is the favorite rifle of an entire generation but it s also a sorry old oar that was obsolete before it was even invented. Was this review helpful to you nbsp What loads are safe to use in an M1 Garand made in the 1950s The rifle Are the Nosler loads good to shoot out of it H4895 49. M1 garand safe ammo M1 garand safe ammo Aug 08 2013 M1 Garand is ammo loaded to the US Military quot M2 Ball quot specification. IMR 4895 can be used as well as H4895 but I advise reducing the powder charge by 5 for safety. 6 grains 175 grain bullet 42. the Lyman nbsp M1 Garand gt M1 Safe IMR4895 loads for 168 and 180 grain requested IMR 4895 or H4895 have always been just so so in my old 1941 SA 30M1. GrizzLeeBear Sep 11 2017 Although I 39 ve used W760 IMR4064 H4895 I am currently exclusively using IMR4895 for my M1 loads. I want to try 175gr Sierra matchkings but they are proud of them. With too slow a powder like IMR 4831 or IMR 4350 you can start bending and breaking operating rods. Easier to find ammo easier to load more versatile and cheaper to shoot with out hammering your shoulder. Shooters World is in the process of developing reloading data to the SAAMI ANSI standards. There 39 s quite a few Garand loads on there. H4895 desertrun M14 0 With loads over about 1800 fps it recommended nothing but quot medium quot powder 31 36 grns of 4895 for example. For the 150 gr. Jul 28 2017 Springfield made a M1 Garand quot clone quot out of a cast receiver for a while I think it 39 s no longer available . bullet. 5 3051 56. load produces 1025 fps and 222 fpe. I had equal numbers of bullets loaded that were sized . 5 3071 55. I was being conservative and when my starting load gave me the best accuracy out of my rifles that I ever had I stopped right there and left it at that. 3 grs H4895 with All my 299 39 s. After WW II Bruce Hodgdon purchased 50 000 pounds of U S Government surplus 4895 and went into the powder business. It chrony 39 s at 2750fps 10. 5 grns up to 51grns in 5grn increments. 30 30 is far ahead of those two cartridges. 1 to . Sep 04 2015 Now back in stock Powered and Ammo HODGON Clays H110 H4350 H4831 H4895 HYBRID 100V TITE GROUP IMR 4064 4227 432 WINCHESTER AA SUPER HANDICAP WSF. lbs. 5 Grendel. In 2013 we auctioned off John F. SMK 39 s closely duplicates USGI M72 Match ammo which was issued to military AMU 39 s for match shooting in the Garand and pushes a 173 gr. Top. The load may May 23 2013 Load suggestions for 3 gun M1 Garand 168 CC H4895. 160 162 grain bullets are popular choices for heavy game with the 7mm Rem. The load guide does have some good load data but also some very odd load data. Imr 8208 xbr load data 308 Imr 8208 xbr load data 308 May 09 2008 WC844 N335 is right in that H4895 powder range. grMX Item No. For rifle I would agree that Varget is a great powder. When the war ended there were so many hundreds of tons of IMR 4895 around and the government sold it as surplus at pennies on the dollar. 3gr 2600fps MAX LOAD 47grs see your bullets info for OAL The regular . RELOADING SAFETY Reloading ammunition is an enjoyable hobby and can be conducted safely if certain rules are followed 1. Becker FYI The Hornady Match load is duplicated by 46. Hornady 8th ed has a special set of loads for the M1 Garand. 62x54R chambered rifles is an interesting prospect. From the . The original spec 39 s called for 2750 2800 fps and 52grs 4895 This normally works out to around 48 49grs of IMR 4895 but not always. 2 grains for the . 5 Replies 7052 Views Last post by professrh M1 Garand M1 Carbine M1A M14 M16 I use H4895 but if I didn 39 t Varget or CFE 223 would be my first try 39 s I use H4895 because 30 06 M1 garand loads happened before 223 at my bench and it works for 223 30 30 308 I like one powder that works for many and this is it for me Varget or CFE 223 is that for may others Sep 17 2016 Back then I wanted a load that would work well in my M1 Garand a Remington 742 and a Model 70. net manuals garand m1. 0 grains RL 12 48. You will want to find the M1 Garand load data for whichever bullet you plan to shoot. That can be accomplished with 48 grains of Varget H4895 IMR4895 or IMR4064. Great for rifles from 22 250 up to . 30 06 on tap for bulk whitetails or hogs sounds awesome to me. The . 45 70 I 39 ve worked up a load for that powder. 4064 had had 1 quot groups at best at 100 yards. 50. I m running a bit low on 150 grn FMJ bullets and H 4895 powder. Is there a quot go to quot load for the Enfield 303 as there is for the M1 Garand Feb 22 2015 The powder used in the M1 Ball cartridge was DuPont IMR 1185 while the powder used in the M2 Ball cartridge for the M1 Garand was DuPont IMR 4895. 308 Winchester 150 grain Hornady SST The . 5 grains H4895 44. Mar 24 2020 The power accuracy and ease of use are unrivaled. Reloading components can be found at Huntington 39 s Midway USA and the Wholesale Hunter to name a few. Nov 27 2019 a little history the US Rifle 30 cal M1 was adopted in 1936 at the time IMR 4895 was the powder used developed for the 30 06 M2 ball ammo a 150gr fmj projectile fired at 2740fps. 2 Jan 2014 In this video from the Point of Aim bench we are taking a look at working up testing loads for my M1 Garand. Powder Hodgdon H4895 and H4198 and Alliant Reloader 7 are all good powders for this round. That 39 s not to say that it won 39 t work because it will. 50 yards 1 8 quot shot groups 100 yards 1 4 quot shot groups 200 yards 1 4 quot shot groups 300yards 3 8 quot shot groups. 30 06 for the M1 Garand it was common practice to recommend equal charges of 4895 Varget or 4064. My third was a custom Winchester Model 70 target rifle with Hart barrel and stock by Roy Dunlap. She loves TAC and 148 gr. 357 Magnum rounds fired from the same revolver. I load IMR 4831 in my Sakos 06 amp 300wm also load IMR 4895 for my M1 garand amp the 06 Sako. H4895 has proven to be a versatile powder that performs superbly at lower powder charges. Once you get it dialed in your groups will reduce and you feel your op rod not slamming around as much. Starline s 30 06 Springfield brass is produced with the same demanding quality control standards for which it has been produced. 5 3213 Varget 53. 30 06 for a bolt action rifle and loading for a semi automatic rifle such as the M1 Garand are two different skills requiring different approaches. Jun 29 2013 If any of these loads were a problem I am sure Hornady would have found it. Jan 23 2015 The M1 Garand is very sensitive to gas port pressure in it 39 s military issued form and it needs a powder fairly close to H4895 or IMR 4895. The primary accuracy powder charge for each load is noted below. Sep 30 2008 M1 Garand Load H4895 The NRA gives a recommended charge of 49 grains same as BLC 2 but H4895 seems to be somewhat faster burning rate. Reloading for the M1 Garand 12 24 2008 02 18 I have the McCann Gas plug system and have tried it with the Nosler 180 and H4895 took out a nice blue wolf sometime back but cycling seemed hesitant in that it would not pick up a round now and again. My second was an M1 Garand. 0gr and 47. Although not a competition bullet it 39 s a great choice for practice to hone your shooting skills. I Loaded them With H4895 xxGN. Paperback. 0grs of IMR 4064 CCI 200 primer Sierra 150gr Gameking and mixed commercial brass. 35 06 Garand page of Martin Frankford M1 Garand rebored to . 308 150 grain load data h4895. Available in 1 lb. Imr 4895 vs h4895 H4895 powders are perfect for the Garand. You want to load shells for a 30 06 to be used in a M 1 Garand you need to use IMR 4895 or H4895 these were the originals for the M 1 gas system others are either to slow or to fast for correct functioning of your Garand. Your gun and your powder will be its own animal and may not duplicate my experience. The Lyman Cast Bullet book listed high velocity loads with fast and medium powders including 4895 4064 etc. Other fine powders for Remington Springfields are H4350 and IMR4350 in a charge weight of 55. I think the original NM load used IMR 4895. And literally worn out several barrels with IMR 4895 41 grains amp 168 39 s in the M1A. roninflag Well Known Member. This data will be published to the Shooters World website as it is generated and proofed in SAAMI test barrels and compared against SAAMI reference ammunition. Dec 29 2019 The 175 Sierra Match King is a very good approximation of the M1 Ball bullet in fact it was designed to replace it for use with 308 Winchester Military Match ammo. 5. H4895 was chosen because it is the slowest burning propellant that ignites uniformly in reduced charges. Available in 1 LB Apr 17 2017 As for M1 function. 223 and . While not specifically noted as quot Garand quot loads Speer 13 Manual for H4895 and their family of 150 gr. Military brass has less case capacity because of its heavier construction resulting in a smaller combustion chamber and higher pressures. H4895 stay shy of max loads give you op rod some extra insurance. Handload 46 gr. Apr 08 2020 The loads I was given by Hornady was a couple of years after the published load data in the Hornady load guide. Full size every time. 302 nose and a NOE 314299 314 bands . With the right loads it 39 s stable and reliably accurate. Later in life he taught me how to operate the M1 Garand rifle. When reloading for the M1 it is important not to load ammo that will over gas the system. I was shooting a Garand at the time and it seemed a no brainer. 308 Win I view them as nearly interchangeable. H4895 and 4895 have always been top choices for the 30 06 308 and even the 5. These are in good condition but will show wear. 5 grains initially with naked bullets. Smokeless Powder Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. S. 0 grains AA2495 50. 2. I 39 ve seen loads published for Win 748 also but have no experience with it. Reviews Optimum M1 Garand Powder Charge H4895 And Wcc Headstamp 9mm is best in online store. However Sierra s 175 grain MatchKing is a close approximation. Starline Brass has added another caliber the 30 06 Springfield to the growing lineup of high quality brass. 10 May 2014 Good luck with finding Imr 4895 or h4895. Never take shortcuts. YMMV Nov 15 2012 46. 00 Weaver Surethread Adhesive 10 ml 19. The lightest they list is the 150 gr bullets. load of 44. May 31 2018 FWIW back when I was shooting match 60s a very popular match load for the Garand was USGI cases 150 grain projectile and 48 grains of 4064. 0 46. Army to replace the 30 06 the . If you found fraudulent charges. Turbo Sonic Gun Parts Cleaning Concentrate 1 Gallon 79. The H4895 muzzle pressures for the loads mentioned are all very safe nbsp 1 Apr 2019 H4895 and IMR 4064 are near perfect powders for the Garand loads. 56. Vintage Match ammunition is built to replicate the original military performance specifications unique to many vintage rifles. I am going to be using the Widener 39 s 168 gr quot mil spec quot bullet. Sep 01 2011 In fact it has often been written that medium burning IMR 4895 was developed specifically for loading US M2 Ball . In my opinion the powders that meet the following parameters will give the best accuracy in gas or bolt guns . Oct 08 2015 This load also incorporates H4895 Frankford Arsenal 1x fired brass and standard CCI 200 large rifle primers. 30 06 loads and it produces a little less velocity at the same peak pressure. 5 grains. OK so I 39 m an idiot and I bought a pound of IMR4895 instead of H4895. Since TAC is a ball powder it 39 s load density is not the best powder to achieve accurate loads in the M1 Garand . Then you ll need to input the rifle cartridge of your choice. com contains hundreds of thousands of loads from sources like Rifle and Handloader Magazines Wolfe Publishing Company tested data Hodgdon IMR Sierra Ramshot Accurate Barnes Nosler Shooters World and much more. Varget is listed as being suited for 150 to 178gr bullets Varget 150gr slugs shows 2400fps 42. The mqx loads are usually for long 3. The round in the center is a full power load with a Federal primer. That load is deadly accurate at least in MY rifles. 5 load for the M1. Both will yield good groups if I do my part. There are This is the NRA recommended loads for the M1. And yes I understand it 39 s quot wrong quot to do but honestly 8rds of . I m sure I could experiment with other set ups and do better but I killed 2 deer at 465 Yards last year. 45 pl for sale by John W on GunsAmerica 953051619 References Lyman 47th Reloading Manual NRA Shooting Illustrated Jan 2004 Hodgdon 39 s 35 Whelen Rifle Data webpage. Login Register. I have fired tens of thousands of . 0 grains 2 Aug 2010 Or what are your pet loads for the M1 Garand As far as powders go IMR 4895 H4895 and IMR 4064 are great powders to use with the M1 in nbsp Any 231 296 748 760 IMR 4227 H335 IMR 4198 H322 H4198 Benchmark CFE BLK Lil 39 Gun H110 IMR 8208 XBR H4895 Varget H4227 CFE 223 nbsp M1 Garand 30 06 Loading Data Suggestions All Loads To Be Used At Your Own RiskMost of my reduced recoil load work to date has been with H4895 which is nbsp 1 Feb 2010 Load data for the M1 Garand calls for 49 gr. Just my . 243. I 39 d advise that heavier powder load with 150 155 gr bullets and stay w 46. Garanda. 2 607 H4895 Sep 18 2016 . Apr 21 2009 I need some tried and true 30 06 loads for the M1 Garand using H4895 and IMR4895 powders with a 168 gr bullet. I For my M1A I was happy with 43. Imr 8208 xbr load data 308. IMR 4895 is the powder 99. 713 MOA and . 308 150 grain load data h4895 Jul 02 2016 Just use well established and proven M1 rifle loads and you 39 ll be good to go with no worries. These loads all generally function these old rifles just fine and you 39 re only losing a hundred FPS or so. 30 30 Winchester loads from six large and two smaller makers. Both the 49. Armory National Match 30 06 and . I reload all of my bolt action rifles but have stayed away from reloading semi auto. 308 quot 3. of Unique using a CCI small pistol primer for 927 fps 181 fpe. Moderator Tools A chamber pressure of 50 000 psi drives the bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2640 fps. Jump to Latest Follow 1 7 of 7 Posts Loading up my first test rounds with H4895 and Hornady 150 SP and FMJBT. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm Our GameChanger ammunition is the result of more than 70 years of designing world class bullets. In loading you want to stick close to the burn rate of the 4895 ball powder slower powders will give more speed but are hard on the op rod. 30 06 Springfield Find what you need in four easy steps. The 150 grain load is M2 Ball that was adopted later on. 0 grains AA2460 46. Don 39 t become distracted when you are handloading. Use equipment as manufacturer recommends. Loads in this listing are reduced from full power but still offer mid range performance. 5gr. Very little barrel fouling cases and action remain clean. IMR4895 with 150 gr hardball ammo gets 2650 2660 fps from my M1 Garand 46. 30 Ball M2. Personal choice I just don 39 t care to have 4 5 different powders in the house when one will cover all my calibers. My M1 match load is 46gr 4064 or Varget behind a 155gr Nosler CC CCI200 primers and 3. 75 12. Every bottlenecked rifle caliber I load for has a recipe that uses 4895. 308 loads do well in practically any . To create reduced loads the 60 formula is recommended. Service rifle reciepe load em and shoot em. rm1911. 2 752 IMR 4064 52. 3. 0 grains W748 48. Load Data Sierra Bullets. Posted By HitnRun nbsp 21 Feb 2017 Any suggestions on what to start reloading for an m1 garand. Will try W748 and BL C 2 too. Many of the Waters loads have worked beautifully in my rifles and acquaintances have had the same experience. The first is titled H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads. H4895 2579 1. My work internet blocks their website so I can not confirm the lack of modification but I believe it is the mount Robar uses on their Garand refurbs. Sep 17 2016 Back then I wanted a load that would work well in my M1 Garand a Remington 742 and a Model 70. Orange Tip Tracer Ammo available at a great price in our. I used the Hornady XTP bullets over 4. I was chicken to just jump in on the BobS 39 s load data to begin with. 311 quot due to the fact that most but not all 7. 5 of either 4895 with the I 39 ve used 4064 in an M1 Garand Savage bolt rifle and M1A and I 39 ve never noted it to be dirty. No chrono but I had some interesting results at the 100 yard mark. Greek Surplus M1 Garand 10 quot Bayonet with no scabbard. com Forums gt Gun Stuff gt Reloading Jan 06 2014 I am getting ready to purchase a DPMS 308 24 quot but don 39 t know best powder to use. slower burning. Looking for load data for Hornady 178 gr ELDX to match Hornady Super Performace Ammo. The original sights on the rifle are also set up for these loads. Find the H4895 load in the Reloading Data Center for your caliber and bullet. If you want to roll your own IMR 4895 or H4895 are THE powders to use just keep it in the right charge weights. It will give a much fuller understanding to you of the good qualities and cons of it. Dad served in the 77th infantry division during WWII. I am most interested in the load recipe using IMR4895 but I do have a pound of H4895 I purchased by mistake and want to use it up. For instance Midway USA catalogs 27 . That was because the diameter of the gas port was tuned 39 for powders in the 4895 4064 burning range. I have Hornady Match 208gr. I got 3031 748 H4895 BL C 2 Varget and IMR 4064. With a 150 it is 47. The N135 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1 0 mm length and 0 8 But they do have one with h4895 witch is 43. 304nose . Dec 15 2016 Just remember to always develop a load when changing components by starting a bit lower and working up to find the sweet spot. 30 39 06 ammunition in M1 Rifles follows 147 150 grain bullets either FMJ or HPBT IMR 3031 48. H4895 and IMR 4064 are near perfect powders for the Garand loads. 150 Grain FMJ Special M1 Garand Loading. May 23 2019 Ace M1 Garand soft case with pockets for enblocs and ammo and a carry strap. 3 to 46. Nov 07 2014 In fact the ADI loading manual lists the following STARTING loads for the . One piece of advice is to hunt up some of the special CCI No. This became a problem when the Army wanted to issue the carbines for foot artillery crews as well because it gave them no way to stack the rifles while tending to their artillery pieces. 0 grains. The load may Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m s Velocity fps Norma 200 Max 42. Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution Always Start With Minimum Loads. Garand Canadian was intended to function on ammo using a narrow band for bullet weight being 150 grains to 175 grains. H4895 or Varget if you load for . 458 Winchester Magnum. This is an accurate and reliable load for my M1. 46 gr. It was a semi automatic rifle powered by gas and powered by a block magazine carrying 8 cartridges . However the military load for the M80 Ball round 147 grain FMJ is listed at 42 grains of IMR4895 equivilent. It gets the velocity down to about that of a 30 30. Apr 11 2009 M1 Garand Loads Using 4895 168 gr Bullets I need some tried and true 30 06 loads for the M1 Garand using H4895 and IMR4895 powders with a 168 gr bullet. jacketed sp most accurate load. The Latest In Reloading Straight To Your Inbox Keep up to date on new products trends and tips from the leader in reloading. Archive If you 92 39 re new to reloading or are an expert this is the forum for you Reloading Archive 1919a4. IMR 4895 is a classic powder was loaded in the original 30 39 06 M1 Garand loads. 5 3044 56. Hornady 22 CAL. Jan 17 2011 IMR 4895 is considered the first choice but I always keep Varget on hand for the 223 amp 308 so I 39 d like to use that if possible. The problem comes from morons like this guy thinking that because he shoots 165gr or 180gr loads out of his bolt action or pump action deer rifle that they are okay to shoot in an M1 Garand even a new production SA . 46. Dec 13 2009 M1 Garand Talk The M1 Garand General powder with a medium burn rate like H4895 Win 748 BL C2 Varget etc. Originally a military powder featured in the 30 06 IMR 4895 is extremely versatile as a medium burn speed propellant. Od nazwiska konstruktora znany jest nbsp . Mar 22 2020 Since I was loading some M1 Garand ammo I decided to give these a test run. 0 grains IMR 4064 50. Though IMR4895 and 4064 are the more popular powders for the M1 many people find great results with other powders in the burn rate range between H4895 and Varget. Trail Boss Reduced Rifle Load. 0gr because I bought a lot at a good price and it generates less pressure than the IMR4895. Reduced Recoil Shot Shell Loads. 0 grains Acc 2495BR 50. Oct 14 2005 Did some testing last weekend using 4064 and 150 grn BTSP in Remington Cases for hunting loads for both an M1 and the 03A3. Made in Canada. 1 gr. 308 Winchester 7. 2 901 max H4895 43. She is a shooter Arsenal rebuilt in 1954 only about 300 rounds since I got her. 0 instead of going to 47. 308 win survive. These days I would use Varget or H4895 and find a charge weight that gets me to around 2650fps and call it good. bullets shows Starting load 42. 311. Posts about Load Data written by Sierra Bullets. 0 grains IMR 4895 49. Often thought of as an Hornady reloading data Hornady reloading data Nov 22 2018 Every serious rifleman needs a . Re 15 is my runaway favorite in a heavy barreled 20 quot . Highly recommended Sort by. You can also sub in the 125 Speer TnT. Most often that firearm is a Garand and my prey is whitetail deer. The Military Load is 50 gr. The idea was to let the rifle decide which of the three it liked best. Last week K Var s The Armory ran an article regarding the U. 6 . Jan 31 2019 So with my new M1A in the safe I need to start reloading for it. 4gr H4895 but try charges between 46. For them they list 43. When I reviewed the catalog offerings of six major ammomakers I found that they market a total of 14 loads with modern premium bullet designs. 8g IMR4227 M1 garand clones Feb 15 2015 110 39 s in an M1 I had some info on loading 110 grain bullets in the M1 but now that I 39 ve been banned from the cmp forums I can 39 t access the load info. Feb 24 2018 The M1 Garand can not be loaded with just any 30 06 ammo it has to be Garand specific or loaded to M1 Garand specific loads or you take a chance of damaging your rifle this video is not meant to Hodgdon H4895 2 Lbs 2 1 lb cans brand new unopened. com PDF H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads. Respectfully it should be nothing slower. However due to port pressure concerns I figured I would stick with the 48. 4gr H4895 Hornady 168gr bthp wlr primer. The common consensus is to use 4895 or slower burning powders for the Garand at a 1 2 grain reduced load to keep from bending the op rod. Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. Since I load for M1 Garand 39 s and M1a 39 s I always have a lot of IMR4895 around and have used it in 223 for 50 53 55 62 and 69 grain bullets and while I get better results on paper with the 50 55 grain bullets with CFE223 H335 and BL C 2 . Shop Firearms Ammunition Accessories Reloading AR Parts Magazines Holsters Optics Brands eGift Cards My Account login or register my account order history update your info email sign up Sign up for our e mails and receive updates about new products and special deals. 0 grains IMR 4895 with a 168 Match Bullet. 4 gr. This 5 th edition of the Sierra Handgun Reloading Manual is known for its user friendliness thanks to the interactive and easy to comprehend writing style it incorporates. I use 39 grains of powder for the 7. Sep 11 2020 Hogdon says that their H4895 can be used interchangably but it can NOT. IMR 4895 was used in most of the WWII ammo all of the post WWII NM ammo. 308 with it and have had great results. This gives me about 2 MOA from the M1A and 3 4 MOA from the Remington 700. With 168 Sierra Match King IMR 4064 does a bit better. This rifle s story begins with the Ultima Ratio a classic based 7. Check the Manuel s for the correct load and don t substitute one for the other. Along with the new Garand rifle ammunition was modified for a third time specifically for anti personal terminal performance. RL 15 and Varget both meter a lot better than H4895. Don 39 t expect bench rest accuracy out of the 150 FMJs. Powders there for 150 155 grain bullets are H335 my choice A2495 A2520 VIHT N 135 RL 12 VARGET and lastly H4895. I 39 ve always heard that you have to crimp for semi auto or the force of the recoil could unseat the projectiles still in the magazine. 5 grains of IMR4895. of powder with a 150 gr. 9 of the time are IMR 4064 IMR 4895 H 4895 and Varget. 95 70. Apr 02 2019 H4895 47. 0 grains IMR 4064 50. 56 NATO and . However as always there is one exception namely the M1 Garand system in 30 06 caliber which can sometimes experience a problem by bending the operating rod if too high a gas port pressure is attained with too slow a powder. These include a de coppering agent as well as temperature stability. For the short carbine Mosin it makes it much more enjoyable Sep 05 2012 Just don 39 t try to hot rod the old 03 dont be afraid to shoot it but dont try to cook up some uber hot hand loads in it. 4 gr max of H4895 not IMR data. 5 twist barrel for the 9290 22 cal 90 gr HPBT bullet however for cartridges like the Valkyrie that can push them over 2650 fps muzzle velocity a 7 twist barrel will stabilize the bullet correctly. 5g H4895 1770 fps 23. While the item may be priced similarly at different shops. 30 06 M1 Garand rifle. 308 150 grain load data h4895 308 150 grain load data h4895 308 150 grain load data h4895 I use the following loads. Some will give you some BS about the M1 being built around a 150 grain bullet with certain pressure loads based on IMR 4895 but when the M1 was designed the Army was using the . 6gr for 150gr and that data isn 39 t even close to being appropriate for an M1. 005 primer remington 91 2 primer size large optimium bullet to use for 150 grain hornadysp 3031 Dec 30 2013 I picked up a box of Barnes ttsx bullets today in IMR 4064 is a medium range burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the IMR line used for 223 Remington 22 250 Remington 220 Swift 6mm Remington 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum 308 Winchester 338 Winchester Magnum and the list goes on and on. Varget loads lower than H4895 loads for 155 grain bullets. We take a look at the powder nbsp Encouraged by that results I headed out again today armed with the M1 Garand and loads using 29. I began reloading the . For M1 Rifle shooters the CMP forums are where you need to go. The bonus was that using an off MAX load of H4895 reduced recoil significantly. This data was all entered by site visitors and has not be tested or verified by myself or quot CenterFire Central quot Use Your Backspace Key to Search again. 45 Cal 137 gr 100 ct. 5 and the 51 grn loads grouped best. M1 Garand Reloading With Modern Components amp Tools. Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. Joined Feb 27 2006 The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service amp extensive product knowledge. M1 garand clones. Jul 17 2009 The Garand was designed to work within a certain time pressure curve and the powder used in mil spec ammo was IMR4895 or H4895. I 39 m thinking 45 46 grains of Varget with Sierra 168 HPBT should work. the Garand Load was simply 147 150 FMJ to Ball Equivalent IMR 4895 FL resized mixed headstamp for DCM now CMP Matches H4895 . 223 Remington is the most widely used centerfire rifle cartridge in the developed world. I let him do it. H4895 is one of Hodgdon 39 s Extreme Powders. Thread starter Jul 05 2012 The most common powders for the M1 that fall into the correct burning rate area and provide the best accuracy 99. 00 Jun 01 2007 And here 39 s a word or two about reloading for the M1 Garand which is arguably the most commonly encountered of old military rifles and all of this is mentioned in the Sierra Reloading Manual. 308. 0 grains AA2460 49. IMR 4895 is position sensitive in the 30 06 case. So it s good enough. On the rare occasions I load a 168gr bullet it 39 s with 46. Army and the Civilian Marksmanship Program M1 Garands will be limited to eight per calendar year per customer. I later found out he had run 180 grain Hornadys through it very bad Ju Ju. Today s H 4895 is a different powder one of the Australian made Extreme line offered by Hodgdon. The load I have get me 1 1. Apr 21 2013 The M1 as designed by John C. CL quot . No matter how convincing it is it s sure to reveal itself in one or more of the following ways Imr Load Data 308 150 grain load data h4895. Remington 870 Get Started Discount Remington 870 You can order Remington 870 after check compare the prices and check day for shipping. That chamber pressure identical to standard M2 Ball is suitable for the M1 Garand s gas system. I want to say my go to 30 06 load was around 48 grains of IMR 4895. The low flame temperature extends barrel life compared to other similar speed powder. 295 VELOCITY FPS feet per second POWDER 2900 3000 3100 3150 3200 M I R 3031 . I 39 m not a huge fan of the 150 grain weight bullets in the 39 06. Przyj to go na uzbrojenie w 1936 pod oznaczeniem wojskowym Rifle Caliber . Apr 23 2018 Service Rifle Loadings It is from Hornady M1 section of its reloading manual the loads are sort of conservative but gives you an idea of the load range for an M1. 8g IMR4227 I 39 ve loaded my M1 with IMR4350 and H4895 both with great success. Hope this helps. The faster powder to use is IMR 3031. 5 grains w the 168 gr bullets. Brands include Accurate Powder Alliant Powder Hodgdon Powder IMR Powder Nobel Sport Powder Norma Powder Shooters World Powder Ramshot Powder Vihtavuori Powder and Winchester Powder. 310 and . 10 1LBS of H4895 10 1LBS of H335 5 1LBS of H4831 1 5LBS of Trail Boss. H4895. I would I like H4895 and 150 grain bullets for my Garands. 25 Sale Products. 2 grains of each other. velocities for the given bullet weight using commercial cases and powders. I use IMR 4895 90 of the time when loading for a Garand. FMJ. 2427 fps Max load 46. grain bullet IMR4895 loads 38. H4895 with 150 gr hardball ammo gives me 2670 fps. 35 Caliber. I have a couple of Dec 14 2018 The PPU M1 Garand 150 FMJ load and the S amp B M1 Garand load the CMP sells both have worked 100 reliably for me. The loads listed here were developed using standard commercial brass. 175 gr. Federal ball produced 965 fps and I use the following loads. Your 30 grains of RL7 is a good boltgun load but probably won 39 t cycle an M1 if that is helpful. I also put on an adjustable gas plug and turned it down so it barely functions to save my NM op rod. 34 quot lengths while many 308 bullets will load to 3. However my deer hunting load for my M1 Garand is 180 gr nbsp I believe the H4895 to be very versatile from mild to near the top end. 3gr 2600fps MAX LOAD 46. Some people aren 39 t happy with anything others could care less. 25 Hornady Vintage Match 30 06 Springfield M1 Garand Ammo 168 Grain ELD Match 81171 Hornady Vintage Match 30 06 Springfield M1 Garand Ammo 168 Grain ELD Match ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 30 06 Springfield M1 Garand ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. Ultimately the M1A is an important part of my shooting life and a great addition to anyone s battery. Depending on the powder something like 45 47 grains should be about right. FWIW 46. Hornady BTHP that are half the size of those using 4895. Proudly serving our customers for over 40 years Midsouth Shooters can supply you with your pistol and rifle ammunition as well as all of your shooting and reloading supplies. 47 gr. 308 quot 125 G. 62 51 NATO M80 Ball Vihtavuori s N135 is today a universal gun powder which is used by reloaders for a large range of calibers from . As has been stated 4895 is the optimum powder for the M1. The Hodgdon load data they post online comes from ADI. I will call in short word as Optimum M1 Garand Powder Charge H4895 And Wcc Headstamp 9mm For folks who are trying to find Optimum M1 Garand Powder Charge H4895 And Wcc Headstamp 9mm review. I bought two pounds at a decent price. 2 grains and H4895 loads 40 grains. IMR4895 and H 4895 rule. 0 grains H4895 with the 147 M80 nbsp 11 Apr 2009 I need some tried and true 30 06 loads for the M1 Garand using H4895 and IMR4895 powders with a 168 gr bullet. Anything under 2 MOA is considered good. data. WOW May 27 2018 The Kar 88 was remarkable light and handy and designed for use in a cavalry scabbard meaning that it had a nice slick profile. 62mm NATO Spec Military Primers 34 Box of 1000 10 Trays of 100 Product Family Busify cmm5li 308 load data imr 4064 The Best of the Bay Area award winning Roller Skating Rink where Families enjoy the best Birthday parties and reunions Businesses have their Employee Appreciation Business Building Parties and Schools and churches have their fund raising events. 40. Oct 17 2012 The only differences between a 308 or 30 06 Garand as far as a shooter goes is the ammo the barrel the size of the gas port and usually a spacer block to prevent you from trying to load 30 06 not needed for function . Perfect for any M1 Garand. Folks handloading for the 30 caliber M1 didn 39 t have much success with bullets heavier than 180 grains. . 30 M1 M1 Garand Specifications Caliber . 30 06 ammo in Garand Rifles with these loads with no ill effects. Can 39 t go wrong with either one just work up loads and segregate GI cases from thinner commercial. W In the M1A with the 155s work up to 44 gr 4895 in the 7. Take the maximum H4895 charge listed and multiply by 60 . 308 Shipped to your door. Jan 12 2017 Encouraged by that results I headed out again today armed with the M1 Garand and loads using 29. Before You Buy You Should to Reading the customer reviews of Optimum M1 Garand Powder Charge H4895 And Remington 870 Improved Cylinder Choke Slugs before buy. Dupont IMR 4895 was the powder used by the US military to load all 30 06 M2 and M1 ammunition during WW2. 02. Thing is though it has a slightly different burn rate and that aspect WILL show up as increased port pressure when used in the M1 Garand. 46gr of IMR 4895 IMR 4064 Varget or even H4895 behind a 155 will no doubt be very close to that. 0 gr. Mar 31 2016 PICKING A M1 GARAND Hands down you will want a rebuilt M1. If I could have only one hunting rifle it would be a 30 06 in some brand of bolt gun. Using 47 or so grains of IMR4064 with Sierra 39 s 180 gr. M1 Corollaries Erosion Gages CONTENTS The Standard A Case for the M14 Fit Ammunition Pains in the Neck Aberrant Behavior SECTION 9 pay attention RELOADING FOR THE MATCH M14 I need to say something here just so you ll all know. The slowest is IMR 4064. The final load was designated . The best bullets are in the 150 173 grain also ball area. Occasionally I can do a little better with a 5 shot group and a good rest. IMR 4895 was the powder used by the military for National Match ammunition. 308 150 grain load data h4895 308 150 grain load data h4895 Win an M1 Garand from Fulton Armory while helping the Cause for the 7. 30 06. Apr 24 2015 Nosler list a MAX. The Garand gas port is about an inch behind the muzzle and with fast burning powders the pressure will have peaked and dropped off long before the bullet reaches the gas port. reloading for m1 garand rifle reloading for the m1 garand I use H4895 but if I didn 39 t Varget or CFE 223 would be my first try 39 s I use H4895 because 30 06 M1 garand loads happened before 223 at my bench and it works for 223 30 30 308 I like one powder that works for many and this is it for me Varget or CFE 223 is that for may others May 07 2020 In the . Using bullets from Cast 311359 gas check Cast 311576 gas check Cast 311410. M1 Garand Modern Ammo M2 Ball Ammo Load Data Best powder for 308 Best powder for 308 Hornady 80 Eld Hornady 80 Eld With this can somebody post Garand H4895 specific loads for this setup from reloading manuals I looked through a Hornady book and saw a nbsp 30 Sep 2008 M1 Garand Load H4895 Handloading Reloading and Bullet Casting. both at 40 grains. As a member of the Extreme line of extruded powder this powder is a good solution for 30 06 17 Remington 250 3000 Savage 308 Winchester and 458 Winchester to name just a few. SOLD. S. com Forums 1919a4. With The minimum in H4895 to cycle an M1 Garand is about 36 grains. That load has a maximum point blank range 3 quot of about 273 yards. But 4895 is a better to use for reduced and youth rifle loads. It shoots groups with 168 gr. Greek Surplus M1 Garand Bayonet. I m sure my early exposure to highpower rifle competition ROTC handloading DCM ammo a particularly fine lot of TW54 Ball and some even better LC63 National Match ammo had something to do with my love for the . 0 grs of H4895 powder with both M1 Garand loads stop about 2 grains less than bolt rifle loads with nbsp My old stand by for 30. 30 06 M1 Garand loads I use 47. _____ The Hornady manual has a seperate section for the Garand. Shamu 25 Boxes of 30 06 Springfield 150gr FMJ for the M1 Garand packed in an used 50 cal ammo can. 46 gr IMR 4895 with 168 gr Hornady or Sierra or 173 gr M72 . 0 grains of IMR 4320 gave me a 199 12X with the single 9 being a high shot just off the 10 ring line at 12 00. Might I recommend purchasing a Gas Plug. Dec 20 2007 The M1 Garand op rod is unsupported and if you get to too slow a powder you can bend the rod from too hard of an impulse from the gas port. Click on a term to search for related topics. Anyone care to share their loads or known safe loads using IMR4895 3031 4064 and H4895 and others you have successfully tried Jul 14 2011 Loads for . Check out the video below from the NRA Museum regarding the Japanese clone of the M1 Garand. My cast load for the M1 was developed when I was a poverty stricken undergraduate student in the 60 39 s. bobw Apr 06 2011 H4895 was the first rifle powder I used. I have shot a lot of H4895 and IMR 4064 in bolt gun . 3 shellholder will do almost everything you need. 250 Savage and the. E. There are over 3000 loads in the database and there are bound to be typo 39 s. Powders include Alliant IMR Alcan Courtesy of PGM Precision USA we have a chance to take a look at a Hecate II sniper rifle today. 47. 30 cal Reloading M1 Garand Crimping. 223 also. I have gone on to use it in the. PPU Prvi Partizan is one of the oldest largest and most versatile ammunition manufacturers in Europe. 30 caliber M1 loadings from the NRA 147 155 grain FMJ or HPBT bullets IMR 3031 48. Bottom Line Yes I would recommend to a friend. 5gr IMR4895 but the Hodgdon version is ever so slightly faster so I usually stop at 47. 5x55 Swiss so you can do the H4895 reduced load calculation Dec 04 2012 The load with 45. The solution is an adjustable gas nut if you don 39 t want to be restricted to the safe Garand load data. 308 Win MVP of Modern Cartridges Originally created by the U. The following 30 06 Springfield and 308 Winchester 7. 223 to the . 05 31 2018 02 48 PM 5 Nov 18 2008 A load that works great in your bolt gun can damage an M1 by distorting the op rod or cracking the heel of the receiver. CCI 7. the velocity range is from 2400 fps to 2750 fps but I doubt the lower velocity loads would reliably operate the gun. If you load 150 gr. Unless you buy and use an adjustable gas plug the general 30 06 rifle load data and a Garand s op rod don 39 t mix well. 6 7 years ago I bought what should be a lifetime supply gt 20 of a number of powders including 8 of H4895 5 of RL 15 4 of Varget and 8 of H110. A careless mistake can be serious. The Hornady Lock N Load Classic Press Kit is a 46. 0 grains AA2520 51. And 4895 was the standard factory powder for M2 Ball ammo. and 8 lb. 900 quot 37. 30 06 Garand . No other reason of any significance except to say it has worked for over 75 years in this cartridge. Iv 39 e been using BLC2 in some 308 loads for my AR 10. 62x51. And this is the M1 Garand load. Others will work these are just the ones I have experience with. Warning Powders such as IMR 4350 IMR 4831 H 4831 and others with similar burning rates cause short cyclings increased recoil erratic port pressure and accelerated wear in an M1. 0 grains BLC 2 47. 62 NATO loads with production specifications allowing the use of IMR 4895 were M118 173 grain projectile and M852 168 grain Sierra . Oct 21 2019 Most of the loads I use are a mix of Hornady A Max or Interlock and H4895 powder. Go to www. Varget H4895 IMR 4350 Data 86 AA2330 AA2460. Hodgdon to the reloading public. I personally would see just how well your M1 shoots before going to crazy with load testing. com for the most accurate There are several modern M1 Garand specific loads out there now. 30 06 bolt rifles is to shoot with a light bullet and moderate charge. A MAX. Sep 23 2010 For my M1 39 s. It was also designed for the use of powder comparable in burning rate to IMR4895 and H4895 sometimes IMR4064 can be used but use of a faster burning powder is not recommended due to the The powder series you should use in a 7. by Frank Melloni Thursday May 7 2020. I use H4895 in all my Garands. Imr 4895 vs h4895 Pet Loads By Blaine Nay www. 30 quot 3. You could probably punch out one of the 308s to 30 06 if you wanted. 308 caliber performance. For my . 0 grain load to get somewhere about 2600 2700 FPS the LD is probably less than 70 . It is a lighter load than the normal 30 06 data. 0 gr of H 4895 with a 150 gr BT FMJ at about 2 600 fps. Mar 27 2015 That is what 39 s nice about the hornady 9th edition it has a garand specific section and its start load for the 168gr bullet is 39. Using an 03A3 started with 49. The Speer Reloading Manual Number 13 shows that 61. A good accurate mild load in the . Assemble safe loads with the components you I believe the 30 06 is better across the board. 3 558. As well as it lets me load for the M14 M1 Garand AR15 and . The caliber was changed to 7. IMPORTANT All these loads are for moly coated bullets. The CCI primer shows almost no flattening whatsoever. On the web C lazy F. DAI METER 0. 6 grains of IMR 4895 or 46. If you want a cast load which cycles the M1 reliably start at about 36 grains of IMR4895 IMR4064 RL15 or Varget. I use mil spec cases CCI 34 primers mostly H4895 and bullets from loading manuals have a separate section for . As far as powders go IMR 4895 H4895 and IMR 4064 are great powders to use with the M1 in . With 150 55 gr bullets IMR 4895 is my favorite powder and a great target bullet is the 155 Nosler Custom Competition. m1 garand loads h4895